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gray and black laptop computer on surface

Examsbox's Next Gen Farmer's Family Scholarship Program

First Step:

Examsbox's Next Gen Farmer's Family Scholarship Program is a great opportunity for college students with BTech, MTech, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, BSc, MSc & other backgrounds, who come from a farming background and aspire to enter the IT Sector upon completing their studies.

This exclusive scholarship provides a generous 50% scholarship on the 12-month IT Sector Career Builder Course offered by ExamsBox in partnership with Blocktical. To apply, interested students simply need to fill out the form provided below. Once all applications have been received, a shortlisting procedure will be conducted to determine the deserving candidates. Only 99 students per year will be selected for this prestigious scholarship. This program aims to support and empower students from farming families in pursuing their dreams of a successful career in the IT Sector. Don't miss out on this chance to jumpstart your journey towards a promising future!

About Career Builder Course

The IT Sector Career Builder Course is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals build a successful career in the field of Information Technology. This course provides online training in various programming languages, core computer science subjects, frontend development, backend development, and database management.

Additionally, it also focuses on professional development, interview preparation, and offers one-on-one mentorshipuntil participants secure a job placement. The program is structured as a weekend course, with 80% of the training conducted offline and 20% in physical form. This includes one-on-one interviews, mock drills, and discussions to enhance practical skills and ensure readiness for the job market. The IT Sector Career Builder Course is a holistic approach to preparing individuals for a lucrative and fulfilling career in the IT industry.

Final Step

If students are interested in joining the course, they have the option to directly enroll in it. However, for those who are seeking scholarship support, it is advised to apply for it. The new cohort/batch for the course will be starting from 15 March 2024 and onwards. If you are interested in receiving scholarship assistance, make sure to apply and provide all the necessary details. This will ensure that you have a chance to be considered for the scholarship opportunity. Don't miss out on the chance to further your education with financial support. Apply now and provide accurate information to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.

New Batch Details:
Starting from : 15 March 2023 Onwards
Duration: 12 Months - Weekend Classes
Classes:Online Mode / Offline Mode
Mock Interviews and Career Orientation: Offline Mode
Recording: Available
Assignment: Available Program
Course Offers the following offerings throughout the program:

  1. Programming Languages (C, Java, Python, Javascript, Typescript)

  2. Core Computer Science Subjects (Data Structure, Algorithms, DBMS, OS, Networks)

  3. Frontend Development (HTML5, CSS3, Reach/Angular Frameworks, Caching, Digital Marketing, SEO)

  4. Backend Development (NodeJS, Database, APIs, WebHooks, System Design)

  5. Database Development (SQL - MariaDB/MySQL && NoSQL - MongoDB)

  6. Professional Development (Business Communication, Presentation)

  7. Mock Interviews & Group Discussions

Total Seats available for scholarship: 99 only
Total cost for the program: INR 19999/- + GST
Effective cost for the program after Scholarship: INR 9999/- + GST

black smartphone near person
black smartphone near person